Kreis Beall


Kreis Beall was 23 years old and had one child and another on the way in 1976 when she and her husband Sandy purchased Blackberry Farm as their family home. Inspired by her grandmother’s work ethic and love for food and her mother’s sense of beauty and style, Kreis fell in love with the art of entertaining and wanted Blackberry Farm to be an extension of her own home. Her life has always represented the same sense of southern hospitality. Kreis transformed the original nine-bedroom farmhouse into a Relais & Châteaux estate and restaurant.

After retiring from the inn in 1999, she opened a photography studio and served as the Director of Design at Blackberry Farm where she incorporated her lifelong love of style and design. Today, she continues her dreams of building and creating with personal projects and enjoys going on adventures with her grandchildren.

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